Safety Limit Switch D4D-N

Small, Economical Switch
Featuring a Direct Opening
Mechanism and Conforming
to the CE Marking
• Contacts opened by direct opening mechanism
(NC contacts only), thus preventing faulty operation
due to factors such as contact weld.
• Double insulation makes ground terminal unnecessary.
(Bears marking.)
• Conforms to EN (TÜV) standards corresponding to
the CE marking.
• Wide standard operating temperature range:
-30°C to 70°C.
• Series expanded to include a 2-conduit models,
two types of actuator (cat whisker and plastic rod),
and metal-lever models.
• Form lock models added to adjustable roller lever
model lineup.
• Conforms to EN115 and EN81-1.
• Series includes models with gold-plated contacts for
handling micro-load range.
• Metric conduit types available