Guard Lock Safety-door Switch D4BL

Protective Doors Are
Locked Until Machines
Completely Stop Operating
• A mechanical lock is applied automatically when the
Operation Key is inserted. A high level of safety is
achieved using a mechanism where the lock is only
released when voltage is applied to the solenoid.
• Conforms to EN (TÜV) standards corresponding to
the CE marking.
• Approved by UL, CSA, BIA, and SUVA standards.
• The switch contact is opened by a direct opening
mechanism (NC contacts only) when the protective
cover is opened. Direct opening mechanism that is
EN-approved is indicated by on the switch.
• Auxiliary release key ensures easy maintenance and
unlocks the door in the case of a power failure.
• Tough aluminum die-cast body incorporating a
switch box with degree of protection satisfying IP67,
UL, and CSA TYPE6P, 13.
• Equipped with a horizontal and vertical conduit opening.
• Models incorporating easy-to-see indicators for monitoring
and those using an adjustable Operation Key
for a double door are available.
• The mounting direction of the head can be changed
to allow the Operation Key to be inserted from four
• Metric conduit types available