Safety Limit Switch D4B-N

• Snap-action or slow-action contact for accurate
switching with safe operation via a direct opening
mechanism with metal deposition between mating
• Two sets of contacts: one (NC) for safety category
circuit and the other (NO) for control circuit.
• Contacts opened by direct opening mechanism (NC
contacts only), thus preventing faulty operation due
to factors such as metal deposition.
• Wide standard operating temperature range:
–40°C to 80°C (standard type).
• Safety of lever settings ensured using a mechanism
that engages a gear between the operating position
indicator plate and the lever.
• Equipped with a mechanism that indicates the applicable
operating zone, as well as push-button switching
to control left and right motion.
• Conforms to EN (TÜV) standards corresponding to
the CE marking.
• 3-conduit switches are available.
• Metric conduit types available.