Small Sealed Switch D4E-N

Slim and Compact Switch with Better Seal
and Ensuring Longer Service Life than D4E
• Flat springs with an improved lever ratio of the built-in switch ensure
smooth snap action and long life expectancy.
• Protection cover protects the built-in switch from dust and oil.
Plunger incorporates a tough seal cap that lasts for a long time.
• One touch connector eliminates need for tedious wiring operations
and reduces downtime for wiring and maintenance (models
with standard, easy-to-use screw terminals are also
• Minute load model with gold cladding is optimal for electronic
• Molded terminal types as well as molded terminal types with operating
indicator lamps are available for screw terminal systems.
• No difference in mounting pitch and characteristics between
D4E-@N and D4E models.

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