Усилитель датчика утечки жидкости OMRON K7L-AT50


Миниатюрный усилитель надежно определяет широкий диапазон жидкостей от воды до химических жидкостей с низкой проводимостью

Доступны четыре чувствительных диапазона

Detects liquids with impedance as high as 50 M using interelectrode resistance detection. Detection of IPA and pure water
Four selectable sensing ranges ensure detection suited to the
characteristics of the liquid.
Incorporates a noise canceller circuit connected to a 3-conductor cable, ensuring a high level of noise immunity and reliable operation. (PAT.)
Sends AC signals to the Sensing Band, preventing electric corrosion.
The power supply block and Sensing Band are isolated, allowing the installation of more than one device in the same place.
Polyethylene is used for the Sensing Band, ensuring high resistance to chemicals.
CE and UL/CSA approval.

Назначение Модель Материал
Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifier K7L-AT50 -
Sensing Band F03-16PE

Sheath: Polyethylene

Core: Stainless steel SUS316


Sheath: Fluoroplastic

Core: Stainless steel SUS316

Sensing Band Sticker with Adhesive F03-26PES Polyethylene
Sensing Band Sticker without Adhesive F03-26PEN Polyethylene
F03-26PTN Fluoroplastic
Terminal Block F03-20 -
Track-mounted Socket P2RF-08-E -
P2RF-08 -

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